Scientific Papers of Silesian University of Technology – Organization and Management Series – Issue No. 134

Scientific Papers of Silesian University of Technology – Organization and Management Series – Issue No. 134

Table of Contents

1. Magda CHMIEL – Quality attributes of primary health care services

2. Bożena GAJDZIK – Steel industry 4.0 in the perspective of forecasted quantities of steel production in the world

3. Anna GEMBALSKA-KWIECIEŃ – Occupational burnout – characteristics of the phenomenon and methods of counteracting

4. Marcin JAKUBIEC – The importance of internal communication for management of an organisation

5. Patrycja KABIESZ, Maciej KUBOŃ – Evaluation of distribution channels in a selected meat processing company

6. Krzysztof KACZOROWSKI – S24 system and its development as an innovation in business

7. Anna KOCHMAŃSKA, Joanna TOKAR – The development centre method as a tool for assessing the competences of the management staff

8. Jolanta KOTELSKA – Restructuring conditions for traditional industry enterprises in Poland

9. Aleksandra KUZIOR, Bartosz SOBOTKA – The role of social capital in the development of smart cities

10. Aleksander LOTKO, Paweł A. KORNETA – The role of the quality of online banking services in the shaping of consumer loyalty. Proof with the use of classification trees

11. Ryszard MARSZOWSKI – Active social and labour market policy towards people aged 50 years and more

12. Ryszard MARSZOWSKI – Innovation in the context of strengthening active social policy development and its importance for the process of urban community organizing

13. Andrzej PACANA, Karolina CZERWIŃSKA – Analysis of quality control of the graphite process on the example of a company from the automotive industry

14. Andrzej PACANA, Dominika SIWIEC – Analysis of the causes of incompatibilities in the selected production processes

15. Dawid PIECHACZEK, Ireneusz JÓŹWIAK – Popular strategies and methods for using augmented reality

16. Krystyna PIENIAK-LENDZION, Renata STEFANIAK – Selected issues in rail transport safety in Poland

17. Alicja SIELSKA – Planned obsolescence: gain or loss to the consumer?

18. Bartosz SOBOTKA – CSR and the competences of employees from generations Y and Z

19. Wioletta SOŁTYSIAK – Analysis of factors shaping entrepreneurial attitudes of students

20. Edward STAWASZ – Managerial competencies and remedial restructuring in micro and small enterprises

21. Iryna SURINA – Youth migration in the context of overall European migration

22. Marek SZULIK – Methods of promoting post-industrial sites on the example of the industrial monuments route in the Silesian voivodeship

23. Radosław WOLNIAK – Aviation terrorism and its impact on the aviation industry

24. Radosław WOLNIAK – Safety of air transport

25. Joanna WYRWA – Regional diversification of the inflow of foreign direct investment in Poland – an empirical analysis

26. Wiesława ZAŁOGA, Julia NOWICKA, Zbigniew CIEKANOWSKI – The role of leadership in the professional career of the staff of providers of the armed forces of the Polish Armed Forces

27. Wiesława ZAŁOGA, Julia NOWICKA, Zbigniew CIEKANOWSKI – The role of the professional environment in the development of social competences armed forces

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