Scientific Papers of Silesian University of Technology – Organization and Management Series – Issue No. 142

Scientific Papers of Silesian University of Technology – Organization and Management Series – Issue No. 142

Table of contents

1. Tomasz OWCZAREK – Economic disciplines in the context of the new list of journals – network analysis

2. Iwona ZDONEK – The role of word and N-gram frequency analysis in inference of the content of scientific publication

3. Radosław WOLNIAK – Quantitative relations between the implementation of industry management systems in European union countries

4. Dariusz ZDONEK – Identification of technologies in Industry 4.0 with the use of text mining

5. Dariusz MINDUR – Achievements to date and existing research gaps in project management in the light of literature studies

6. Adam SOJDA, Maciej WOLNY – The impact of standardisation method on Smart City ranking

7. Mateusz TRZECIAK – Analysis of risk management processes in the IT industry

8. Maciej WOLNY, Mariusz KMIECIK – Forecasting demand for products in distribution networks using R software

9. Iwona ŻABIŃSKA, Adrian PILLER – Possibilities of improving the process of picking warehouse orders on a selected example

10. Michał ZASADZIEŃ – Using lean manufacturing tools to improve logistics processes – case study

11. Anna GEMBALSKA-KWIECIEŃ – The functioning of the work safety management system in a selected enterprise and the problem of employee participation

12. Elżbieta MILEWSKA, Anna GEMBALSKA-KWIECIEŃ – Competence matrices as an instrument for scheduling production and planning human resource training needs

13. Iwona ŻABIŃSKA – Awareness of ergonomic working conditions among employees

14. Mariusz LIGARSKI – Study on disruptions in the quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001:2015

15. Bartosz SZCZĘŚNIAK – A spreadsheet to support the Suzuki ABCD method

16. Sara GRUSZKA – Quality management tools in the aspect of the assessment of the effectiveness of the enterprise production process in the hydraulic industry

17. Aneta MICHALAK – Cost of capital and risk in management and quality science

18. Bożena SKOTNICKA-ZASADZIEŃ, Grzegorz SOWIŃSKI – Efficiency assessment of the use of Bloch-Schmigalla triangular method to improve the functioning of commercial industry enterprise

19. Alina RYDZEWSKA – The financing structure of Polish non-financial enterprises in the face of financialisation challenges

20. Alina RYDZEWSKA – The investment policy of Polish non-financial enterprises in the financial era

21. Alina RYDZEWSKA – Analysis of stock exchange operating costs on the example of Warsaw Stock Exchange

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