Scientific Papers of Silesian University of Technology – Organization and Management Series – Issue No. 137

Scientific Papers of Silesian University of Technology – Organization and Management Series – Issue No. 137

Table of Contents

1. Janusz ADAMCZYK, Mirosław GULBA, Michał SĄSIADEK, Wojciech BABIRECKI, Małgorzata ŚLIWA, Michał OCIEPA – Rubber waste management

2. Michał BUSZKO, Dorota KRUPA, Malwina CHOJNACKA – Why young people do not use bank products – the case of Poland

3. Piotr DZIWIŃSKI – Managing intangible assets in the gaming industry enterprise

4. Piotr GRUDOWSKI, Małgorzata Z. WIŚNIEWSKA – Lean management in higher education institutions. How to begin?

5. Katarzyna JOACHIMIAK-LECHMAN, Anna LEWANDOWSKA, Alina MATUSZAK-FLEJSZMAN – Life cycle-based classification as a simplified approach for improving the environmental impact of products

6. Paulina JURGIEWICZ – Analysis of charges for the unloading of oil residues from sea-going ships to port reception equipment on selected examples

7. Ryszard MARSZOWSKI – Dual education system in a knowledge-based economy

8. Mateusz MIERZEJEWSKI, Jakub GARNCARZ – Impact of exchange rates and oil prices on the valuation of companies from the TSL sector

9. Mateusz MIERZEJEWSKI, Martyna ŻAK – Concept of social responsibility as an instrument of stabilising the macroeconomic situation of enterprises

10. Regina Zsuzsánna REICHER – Brainbay centre – responsibility from two sides

11. Artur SWIERCZEK – Using the concept of embeddedness to theorise the resource-based competitive advantage of triadic supply chains with a structural hole

12. Aleksandra SYRYT, Agnieszka KLIMSKA – Ethical and legal conditions of sustainable development – the perspective of primary EU law and the case law of the court of justice of the European Union in matters of environmental protection

13. Małgorzata SZTORC – Strategic choices of family hotel enterprises as a part of the development strategy

14. Jacek WITKOWSKI – The engagement of commune self-governments in the functioning of legal forms of environmental protection by the example of selected communes in the Lubelskie voivodeship

15. Radosław WOLNIAK – Planning in ISO 9001:2015

16. Radosław WOLNIAK – Support in ISO 9001:2015

17. Marcin WYSKWARSKI – Business intelligence – publication analysis using the R language

18. Agnieszka ZIERNICKA-WOJTASZEK, Karol KRÓL, Dariusz ZDONEK – Valorisation of a district area for tourism and recreation – a case study

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