Scientific Papers of Silesian University of Technology – Organization and Management Series – Issue No. 135

Scientific Papers of Silesian University of Technology – Organization and Management Series – Issue No. 135

Table of Contents

1. Judita ASTROVIENĖ, Jolita GREBLIKAITĖ – Trends of electronic business in the context of rural development

2. Jacek BENDKOWSKI – Managing knowledge commons in coworking communities

3. Ryszard BOROWIECKI, Barbara SIUTA-TOKARSKA – Management science(s) – contemporary challenges against the backdrop of fundamental issues of philosophy

4. Karolina CZERWIŃSKA, Dominika SIWIEC, Andrzej PACANA, Dušan MALINDŽÁK – Analysis of non-compliance of industrial robot arm parts

5. Dorota DOLIŃSKA-WERYŃSKA – Innovation and change: perspectives from the private sector in the Upper-Silesian Region

6. Anna GEMBALSKA-KWIECIEŃ – Shaping the safe behavior of employees in the enterprise

7. Anna KOCHMAŃSKA – The concept of CSR as one of the determinants of sustainable development

8. Ewa KROK – Collaborative consumption in a sharing economy

9. Jolanta MAJ, Liliana HAWRYSZ – Europeanization of corporate social responsibility disclosure in Polish organizations

10. Izabela MARSZAŁEK-KOTZUR – Philosophical concept of responsibility – the key feature of the idea of sustainable development

11. Ryszard MARSZOWSKI – Education and unemployment in a globalized economy in the phase of demographic change

12. Paweł MODRZYŃSKI, Robert GAWŁOWSKI – Creating public value through collaborative governance? Organization and management of shared services centers in the metropolitan cities in Poland

13. Dominika SIWIEC, Karolina CZERWIŃSKA, Andrzej PACANA, Dušan MALINDŽÁK – Improving the quality of the product using non-destructive testing and selected quality management instruments

14. Bartosz SZCZĘŚNIAK – Spreadsheet as a means to support working time scheduling – data integrity in a spreadsheet tool

15. Artur ŚWIERCZEK – Networking and the competitive advantage of supply chains

16. Stanisław TOKARSKI, Marian TUREK, Jacek JANAS – Replacement of emission heating sources with heat and electricity from CHP stations. The idea of ecological economic system solution

17. Andrzej WIDOTA – The Tesla in the world of signs – between good and evil

18. Radosław WOLNIAK – The normalization of management systems in Poland –research results

19. Joanna ZARĘBSKA, Iwona ŻABIŃSKA, Andrzej ZARĘBSKI – Eco-innovations in Poland – the extent of changes, development and barriers

Štefan MAJERNÍK – The challenges for economic growth within the food industry

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